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DGN 2014 Munich







DGN 2014 Munich

15 – 19 September 2014

Munich, Germany

Congress of the German Neurological Society


Hotel for the DGN Congress in Munich in September 2014

Accommodation in Munich is always at a premium, as this attractive city is a popular destination for both business visitors and tourists. When the city becomes the focus of an event from the Medical Congress Calendar 2014, such as the DGN Congress 2014 in Munich, early booking and confirmation is absolutely vital. The date: 15 – 19 September 2014 marks the duration of the event. Organized and overseen by the German Neurological Society, this Annual Congress is a significant event for anyone engaged in work in this important area. To secure a room in time for the Congress Germany has on offer, use HotelRoomBrokers GmbH.

Providing a superlative accommodation booking service for Medical Congresses 2014 across Europe, HotelRoomBrokers GmbH offers access to the vast majority of local hotels and bed and breakfasts. An Online-Request ore a single phone call is all it takes to secure the right accommodation and additional facilities for your group’s needs. Obviously choice is reduced the closer to the event booking occurs, so make sure you pick early to get the best option for the DGN Congress 2014 in Munich, close to the Congress Venue.



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